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You’re going to love training with us for a number of reasons.

  1. You’ll actually enjoy coming, some days you don’t feel motivated, it makes it easier to go when it’s a spacious friendly environment.
  2. You can also take comfort in knowing you have a professional to personalize your work out routine.
  3. And finally you’ll love training with us for the…


*Results may vary

Irene’s daughter brought her in kicking & screaming. She had never formally exercised, was on blood pressure & heart burn medications and really didn’t want to give up her pizza with dipping sauce! While reluctant she came twice per week and within 4 months she was off both medications, down 55lbs and wearing clothes she hadn’t fit into in years. She’s now a proud grandmother of two.

*Results may vary

Julie is a busy mom of two and a high ranking executive in a Forbes top 50 company who does a lot of traveling. When I first started working with her she was a size 10 and said she felt ‘soft’. She trained consistently 3 times per week- went down to a size 2 (her size in high school) and developed a six pack!

*Results may vary

Alysa is one of those girls who struggled to keep the weight off her whole life.  After setting her up with the nutrition, fat started falling off, almost week-to-week she needed new clothing! She became more confident and out going!

I’m a breast cancer survivor. Working with Paul I was able to do chin ups for the first time at the age of 50!


I first visited with Paul for his Active Isolated Stretch therapy and soon after began attending his boot-camp in preparation for my wedding, I bought my dress 2 sizes too small, and lost so much weight I had to have it taken in.


Hi my name is Paul Thomas, or ‘PT’ as some like to call me.

I’ve been helping people like yourself get into better shape in Burlington since 2002. When I first took the personal training course I was shocked at how basic the program was, everything in the course I had learned in high school! So I took it upon myself to learn from the best. I stayed up countless nights reading and learning (and continue to this day.) All in an effort to help you reach your goals in the most efficient way possible. Contact me for a complimentary consult, in which we go over your current eating, we do a body composition test and we discuss your hopes and goals you’d like to achieve from the program.

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