The PT Team

Paul Thomas

Owner, Personal Trainer, Stretch Therapist

Paul also known as ‘PT’ has been involved in sports and fitness from the time he could walk, competing in various sports from soccer, track, football, basketball. Officially he has been a personal trainer and strength coach since 2002. After receiving his training certification he quickly realized that what was deemed as acceptable knowledge was way off. So he started doing his own research, reading and attending seminars- to find the real truths. Even to this day he is always looking for ways to become a better trainer. Having worked at local YMCA’s to big corporate gyms, Paul has dealt with just about all types of clients, from the handicap to professional athletes and preteens to grandmothers. And he is ready to help you.

Pauline Trinier

Personal Trainer

> Pauline’s Certifications include: Can-Fit-Pro, Personal Trainer Specialist]

Retired national level figure competitor, mother of 3- full bio coming soon.

Laura Killip

Personal Trainer

> Laura’s Certifications include: Can-Fit-Pro, Personal Trainer Specialist]


Laura has been through her own transformation, mentally and physically, mother of 4, full bio coming soon.


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