Red Light Laser Therapy

Losing weight and extra fat is a common health goal for almost everyone. For some, all it takes is a clean diet and adequate exercise. But for others, it’s not that simple. Often times, there are deeper health issues that prevent the body’s metabolic rate from working properly. Stress, for example, has a proven negative effect on metabolism.

That’s why working out and dieting becomes a frustrating, never-ending cycle for lots of people. It’s easy to blame yourself when you’re not seeing the results you’d like. Does that sound familiar? If so, don’t lose hope! There’s a new tool that may help your body begin to process fat the way it should.
Just as red and near-infrared light is demonstrating promise for a host of health issues, it has shown surprisingly effective results for fat loss as well. Unlike many solutions promoted for weight-loss, such as medications and surgery, red and near-infrared light therapy provides a safe, natural and non-invasive option for becoming healthier and more fit.

Body by PT now offers Red Light Laser Therapy at their facility. Paul Thomas is certified with the Red Laser Therapy technique, he stated that along with exercise and proper diet (simply eating the right foods ) your goals can be achieved.
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